Committees of the Alaska Bar Association

Name Chairperson Committee URL
Alaska Bar Rag Beistline, Ralph
Alaska Rules of Professional Conduct
Continuing Legal Education Committee Manzella, Zachary
Discipline Hearing Committee - 1st JD
Discipline Hearing Committee - 2nd & 4th JD
Discipline Hearing Committee - 3rd JD
Ethics Committee Cuddy, Kevin
Fee Arbitration Committee - 3rd JD - Anchorage/Kenai
Fee Arbitration Committee - 1st JD - Juneau
Fee Arbitration Committee - 1st JD - Ketchikan
Fee Arbitration Committee - 2nd & 4th JD - Fairbanks
Committee on Fair & Impartial Courts Widmer, Matthew
Historians Committee Schwaiger, Michael
Lawyers' Assistance Committee McLaughlin, Michael
Lawyers Fund for Client Protection Committee Stone, Robert
Law Related Education Schroder, Bryan
Mediation Panel - 1st JD
Mediation Panel - 2nd & 4th JD
Mediation Panel - 3rd JD
Pro Bono Service Committee Kruse, Rebecca
Scholarship Fundraising and Implementation Committee Gardner, Darrel


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